Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Affordable Attorney Fees

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*Affordable Attorney fees starting at $865 plus the $335 bankruptcy court filing fee (a total of $1200). Installment payments available. *$865 Affordable Attorney Fees apply if bankruptcy is a simple chapter 7 bankruptcy (no assets/median income case), within the Chapter 7 restrictions, no pending lawsuits, judgments or garnishments, no more than approximately 10 creditors, and creditors meeting is held in Albuquerque..

*However, an additional affordable attorney fee may be required if the following issues apply: Garnishments, lawsuits, recorded judgments/liens, Reaffirmation Agreements, more than 10 or so creditors; Non-Filing Spouse or Creditors meeting held outside of Albuquerque. In some of these cases, an estimated $965 to $995 dollars in attorney fees will be charged (depending on how these issues complicate the bankruptcy) for a total of approximately $1300 to $1330 dollars – the attorney pays the $335 court filing fee- for filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition and its Schedules. However, for most debtors within the above Chapter 7 restrictions,* only the reasonable Attorney Fees of $865 plus the filing fee of $335 for a total of $1200 plus the credit counseling fees ($10-$15) and the cost of a credit report ($35-$50) is required.

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